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Inner Animals of our Private Arcs with Stephen Gallegos and Mary Diggin – November – 11

Steve and Mary 1

On one hand Steve Gallegos is former university department chair, therapist, speaker, and writer with degrees in psychology from the University of Wisconsin, New Mexico State University, and Florida State University, where he earned his PhD in psychology. On the other hand he is a Shaman, therapist and therapy trainer who teaches the use of animal imagery to deepen one’s relationship with the inner self. First and foremost, Steve considers himself a craftsman. He works in leather, wood, silver, stained glass, and has most recently begun painting Russian icons and carving fossilized walrus teeth. He maintains that had he not been required to attend school, he would be a deeply contented and illiterate craftsman. Instead he has authored two books, Animals of the Four Windows: Integrating Thinking, Sensing, Feeling and Imagery; and The Personal Totem Pole Process: Animal Imagery, the Chakras and Psychotherapy. He is also the honorary director of the International Institute for Visualization Research.

Mary Diggin has an MA in Mythological Studies and is an IIVR certified trainer and Deep Imagery Guide who currently lives in New Mexico, USA. Born in Ireland, she moved to New Mexico in 1998. Mary has worked with Deep Imagery and the Personal Totem Pole process for over 20 years, leading trainings and workshops as well as working with individuals. Mary completed her Masters in Mythological studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute and is currently working on her Ph.D. dissertation, writing on Los Hermanos de la Fraternidad Piadosa de Padre Jesus Nazareno (the Penitentes). Her undergraduate work was in Education (B. Ed. from Mary Immaculate College, Ireland) and Religious studies (Diploma in Religious Education from the Mount Oliver Institute). She also a trained masseuse, graphic and web designer, potter, writer and sweat lodge water pourer.


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