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Mythouse Portals

Mythouse Portals weave a set of core written sources and video materials into reliable gateways. These introductory gateways invite you into deep dive explorations of our world's imagination. Holidays, myths, characters, symbols and a full range of mythic concepts have been bundled into tight little mythic portals. These portals can be explored individually or through the time map of imagination at

They integrate five text and numerous video sources for several reasons. One, mythology is a fundamentally comparative activity, and so too is the theory of knowledge beneath it. We look at multiple sources to begin to get a picture that emerges between them. Two, each source has its own inflection and value. Portals are designed to convert your introductory interest into a deep dive exploration. This will happen if you decide to pull the thread of a source that specifically speaks to you. Three, world mythology is a collaborative effort. Engaging it is about engaging our collective engagement, which is surveyed through each small selection of curated materials.


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