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Mythouse & the Poetic Dream of Life

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

The Mythouse calendar, portals, salons and productions contribute to an ever expanding ecosystem of poetic consciousness that finds reflection in our stories, dreams, society and nature.

Mythology is a study of life’s poetry and the way it speaks to us through myth, dream and experience. When we move through landscapes of dream, life and popular fiction, the figures, imagery and pathways we experience are perceived poetically by the imagination. For poetry, as in science, things are what they are. A wall is a wall. A door is a door. A ceiling is a ceiling and a tree is a tree; only, where science exists to articulate material causality, poetry speaks with immediate meaning. It is immediate and easy to see the poetic meaning and scientific reality of a wall. The study of myth and dream is about awakening and expanding this natural poetic fluency.

Any poetic use of imagery is grounded in the immediacy of what it is. A seed seeds, a blossom blossoms—scientifically and poetically. Every scientific detail is a poetic detail: seed, root, trunk, limb, photosynthesis, evaporation, blossoming—all facts, all metaphors, all poetry, and all there before words. The study of myth is about awakening a poetic consciousness that predates the mediation of words in a way that helps us get inside the immediate meaning of our living reality—of our lives, stories and dreams.

Traditionally, this has been the work of shamans, witches, poets, artists, dream interpreters, religious scholars and mythologists. There are beautiful threads of lineage that we have all drawn from for millennia. In recent decades, this work has come to attract the engagement of therapists, screenwriters, musicians, marketing and PR firms, self help authors, travel guides and leaders of all kinds.

By now, there is no entity worth its salt not putting poetic intention into the dream like interpretation of its will. Life is dreaming at us all the time—as nature and marketing campaigns. The study of myth and the poetry of life is about recognizing more than the material cause or logic of reality. It is about coming into an ever-increasing awareness of the poetic dimensions through which our imagination is experiencing all of the time.

Mythouse is meant for those on this journey.

Poetry should not be confused for a language that mediates our experience of nature and reality. Natural poetry is a dis-intermediator. It removes the boundaries between us and the world by activating in us what is as the poetry. When a poem works, we blossom with the blossom in the poem, we are the blossom in the poem and in the world. Where scientific analysis builds in the separation of our perspective from that which is being analyzed, poetry brings us into participation. And as our capacity to participate in poetic consciousness continues to grow, so does our ability to participate in our living dreams.

With poetic awareness comes awareness of many things, especially ways that we are hurting each other and restricting life. As we get beyond scientific reductions and the mediation of words, the dream we see dreaming our lives and worlds becomes something we can recognize and even change. The objectification of women, the subjugation of workers, the marginalization of minorities—it’s there in the dream we’re dreaming. The “golden age” is a mythic spell. “Impurity” is a mythic spell. The right to subject and objectify is only clear within the spells of mythic dreams that shape our world. Awakening from our dreams is a way of change.

This is why we study mythology, and it’s why we make myths. There is no greater power than the power of myth, as we are bound, for eternity, to live the stories we tell. To change the world, change the myth. Learn poetic fluency. This is what Mythouse is here to support — anyone and everyone, entities and individuals, artists and scientists — people who want to engage the mythic dimension with poetic fluency and friends who are at it, doing the work .


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