Myth, Poetics & Culture: Creative Encounters – Riting Myth: Reading, Individuation and the

Sandwiched between the Rumi Myth Salons with Dr. Zaman Stanizai and Dr. Connie Zweig on August 6 and the August 20 Myth Salon with Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen – Unscripted, on Wednesday August 12 at 5PM Pacific Time, we will once again enter the world of Dr. Dennis Slattery, who will deliver his fourth talk in the Myth, Poetics & Culture: Creative Encounters – Riting Myth: Reading, Individuation and the Making of Meaning:

All significant moments of the hero or heroine’s journey are embedded in the imaginative act of reading. I want to concentrate on reading classics of literature as a transformative journey into a symbolic order that is such a foundational element in C.G. Jung’s individuation process. To read contemplatively and imaginatively is to enter the realm of the archetypes and the energy they muster and dispense in the act of reading. In addition, reading is a journey through the energy fields of the work that cultivate transformation in the reader. Perhaps as well, the work that we are shaping and being shaped by, continues through us its own individuation process, for it too contains a consciousness, an unconscious and a collective unconscious. I will use a few passages from my new book, From War to Wonder: Retrieving Your Personal Myth Through Homer’s Odyssey.

So, please join me, my co-host partner Dr. Will Linn, and our stellar panel: Dr. John Bucher, Dr. Dara Marks and Dr. Kwame Scruggs as we continue to plumb the depths of mythological scholarship – picking up more than a few shards of substance along the way!

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