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ReMembering Agnes Finnie

Maiden Mother Crone Invites you to the first ReMembering Series:

"Stories From the Edge of Chaos"

We're embarking on an extraordinary journey, diving deep into the tales that challenge the fabric of our perceived reality.

This series is an exploration of those who've danced with the tumultuous tides of change and emerged with insights that redefine what we know.

This is more than history; it's a movement. Inspired by ancient wisdom, we're crafting a future through the stories we choose to remember and tell.

First in this series, we ReMember:

Agnes Finnie - The Noble Witch

Agnes Finnie's life is a testament to the power of defiance in the face of injustice. As an Edinburgh woman accused of witchcraft in 1644, her story challenges us to reconsider the narratives we've inherited about power, autonomy, and resistance.

Mary W. Craig - historian and author of "Agnes Finnie: The Witch of Potterrow Port" will be leading us through Agnes's life, looking at the chaos she faced and how she navigated it.

Founder & Alchemist Dawn Eva Berry will then guide us through mapping our individual understandings into a collective one.

Then, Mythologist Dr. Will Linn will guide us in ReMembering Agnes' story. Together, we'll witness her transformation from scapegoat to sage, reclaiming her strength into our collective memory as a beacon of resilience and autonomy for us all.

"The new hero's journey is a collective one."

This is your invitation to be part of a community that looks beyond the veil of history to find inspiration, meaning, and a sense of empowered belonging.

Don't miss this chance to connect with the past in a way that illuminates our path forward.

Let's discover the power of stories to transform our world together.

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