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Second Annual Myth Salon at the Movies

Updated: Apr 1

EVENT DESCRIPTION: The Thursday following the 96th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony on Sunday March 10, the Second Annual Myth Salon at the Movies will bring in the brightest of our mythic maestros to illuminate the hits and misses of this past year. Join Will and me with Dr. John Bucher, Terry Ebinger, Christopher Vogler, Corinne Bourdeau, Drs. Dara Marks, Dennis Slattery, and Maria Tatar! Everyone from the fabulous first Myth Salon at the Movies has returned for a repeat performance to illuminate the films of the past year – those nominated, as well as those that didn’t make the awards lists. 


Here’s the link to register for the Second Annual Myth Salon at the Movies on : 


Maria Tatar Maria Tatar is a Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Society of Fellows and the John L. Loeb Research Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures & Folklore and Mythology, Emerita. At Harvard, she served as Dean of the Humanities and Chair of the Committee on Degrees in Mythology and Folklore. Author of numerous works on fairytales and children’s literature, including Annotated African American Folktales, edited with Henry Louis Gates, Jr, for which she received the 2018 NAACP award for Outstanding Literary Work of Fiction. Her newest book, Heroine of 1001 Faces has brought us here today.

Christopher Vogler is a Hollywood Development Executive, Screenwriter, Author, and the most influential teacher of myth to storytellers since he wrote The Writers Journey, which brought the work of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell on mythological and psychological journeys into a conversation about hollywood story structure. Chris has worked as a story consultant in the departments of 20th century Fox, Paramount, and Walt Disney, where he contributed to Aladdin and The Lion King as well as 101 Dalmatians, Fight Club, Courage Under Fire, Volcano and The Thin Red Line.

John Bucher is a mythologist and story expert who has been featured on the BBC, History Channel, LA Times, and numerous other international outlets . He serves as Executive Director for the Joseph Campbell Foundation and is a writer, podcaster, storyteller, and speaker. He has worked with government and cultural leaders around the world as well as organizations such as  HBO, DC Comics, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, A24 Films,, The John Maxwell Leadership Foundation , and  Atlas Obscura. For which he just completed a course on Labyrinths. John has served as a producer, consultant, and writer for numerous film, television, and Virtual Reality projects. He is the author of six books including the best-selling Storytelling for Virtual Reality.  John has worked with New York Times Best Selling authors, YouTube influencers, Eisner winners, Emmy winners, Academy Award nominees, magicians, and cast members from Saturday Night Live. He holds a PhD in Mythology & Depth Psychology and has spoken on 6 continents about using the power of story and myth to reframe how individuals, organizations, cultures, and nations believe and behave.

Michaela Molden is a recent graduate, passionate about storytelling and the performing arts. Having earned accolades for her excellence in storytelling, Michaela is an accomplished writer and actor. During her undergraduate years, she spearheaded various clubs and initiatives focused on stories and mythology, showcasing her dedication to fostering creative communities. Currently, Michaela is working on her debut book while immersing herself in the world of storytelling. She actively engages with the works of others, continuously seeking inspiration and connection within the literary and artistic community.

Dara Marks Dara Marks, Ph.D. Is a leading international script consultant with an expertise that focuses on the feminine heroic. Creative Screenwriting Magazine has consistently rated her among the top consultants in Hollywood, where she has spent the last three decades working with major studios and independent filmmakers, advising on film and television projects. She also offers workshops on her book, Inside Story: Power of the Transformational Arc and leads retreats for women worldwide on the feminine heroic. Dara holds a Ph.D. In Mythological Studies from Pacifica with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology. And before moving on, I want to thank Dara for joining a Hollywood Insider Panel on gender with me last week in which we talked about the role of young artists in

Terry Ebinger, is a film scholar and founder of Cinema and Psyche, which features her emphasis on a psychological and mythological approach to film studies. Over three decades of private practice, she served as therapist, mentor, depth psychological educator, dream consultant, archetypal spiritual director, multidisciplinary group leader, and professional supervisor. She holds bachelors degrees in Psychology and Media Studies from Webster University in St. Louis and a Masters in Clinical Counseling from California State East Bay.

Dennis Patrick Slattery, Ph.D. is Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Mythological Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California where he taught for 27 of his 55 years in the classroom before retiring. He is the author, co-author, editor or Co-editor of 33 volumes, including 7 volumes of poetry and one novel. Currently he teaches courses online and offers lectures and workshops on myth and culture both on-line and on site at Friends of Jung organizations in the US. For three years he also taught student inmates at a California State Prison where he focused on assisting his students to discover their personal myth, using Joseph Campbell's The Hero With a Thousand Faces. The course was conducted through the mail. He writes op-ed essays on cultural and mythical themes for the San Antonio Express-News and New Braunfels, Texas'  Herald Zeitung. His op-eds and paintings can be viewed on his website,


Dana White, Ph.D. a contributing faculty member to Pacifica's myth degrees and author of numerous volumes on mythology. Over the course of his career, Dana has worked in radio and industrial television, as a vice president of marketing for Merrill Lynch, and as an academic department chair at an art college. He edits and designs books, produces films and motion media for universities, corporations and non-profits, and is a professional photographer with more than 40 books to his credit.He currently produces and hosts the Myth Salon, a venture he co-founded in 2016 with Dr. Will Linn,


WILL LINN, Ph.D. Is the Founder of He Produces Psychedelic MixTapes for Fascinated by Everything and co-hosts a European TV series called Myths: The Greatest Mysteries of Humanity. From 2011-2021, Will led projects for the Joseph Campbell Foundation, and from 2015-2023, he served as a professor and founding department chair for Hussian College—a film and performing arts school in Los Angeles. He has moderated these monthly Myth Salons with Dana White since 2015. His media and conference appearances, publications and roundtables have been focused on the poesis of nature and technology, meta-narratives of transformation, historical arcs in the mythic imagination and the archetypal revolution of meteor-steel.


The Myth Salon is all about cultivating community – bringing people and ideas into a delicious convergence every month to explore ideas of substance. Dr. Will Linn and Dr. Dana C White, the indefatigable moderators of our Myth Salon, congregate the mythological community to explore upon this rich and fertile path, and increase the amperage of myth and substance wherever we are. When we nurture and sustain our community relations and involvement, we all benefit! The full playlist of Myth Salons since the Spring of 2020 can be found Here.


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  • Climate BootCamp: The Climate Bootcamp was designed for the Harvard Alumni Society Committee for the Climate and Climate Reality with the help of Mythouse to serve as a virtual course to support those ready to bring change within an organization.

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