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The Talks of Lionel Corbett – 6 – Fate & Destiny

Greetings everyone,

Weathering the strange times of both the pandemic and the protests takes skill. It calls for adaptability, coordination and humility.  We want and demand resolution to both – and each in its own way continues to persist because of our indifference and unwillingness to bend, to be inconvenienced, or to change. If we let it, this can be a time of profound awakening and value clarification.  So, mindful of the many ways that distance that has become the new archetype of expression, Will and I have a series of spectacular talk sessions coming up:

First, this Wednesday June 17 at 9:30AM, we will resume the Talks of Lionel Corbett with the sixth in our series of talks Fate and Destiny. The talks feature Dr. Corbett with Dr. Gard Jameson, Dr. Will Linn, and me.  The previous five talks are available for viewing on  Fate and Destiny will discuss the debate about whether there is some kind of inexorable fate that controls our lives, or whether we are free to choose what happens to us. The question of fate and destiny often arises when people ask whether their suffering had to happen, or whether it could have been avoided. A great deal of philosophy and literature takes up this question. We will look at the some of the mythological, psychological, and philosophical backgrounds underwriting this important question.

Here is the link to register for the Wednesday’s talk – Fate and Destiny:


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