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The Writers’ Journey 25th Anniversary Edition with Chris Vogler, presented by Michael Wiese Pr...

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

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Join Darren Aronofsky, Jeffrey Kripal and Will Linn for a celebration of The Writers’ Journey 25th Anniversary Edition with Chris Vogler on October 22nd at 5PM (PT). Michael Wiese Productions and are pleased to present this Mythosophia event with MC and friend of the family, Corinne Bourdeau, who will lead our discussion on myth, story and Chris’ contributions.


Those who register by October 20th will be entered into a raffle by the publisher, Michael Wiese Productions, for hardbound editions of The Writers Journey 25th Anniversary Edition!

CHRIS VOGLER is the world’s leading voice at the intersection of myth, film and the narrative industries. His book, The Writers’ Journey, has become an anchor for storytellers of all kinds — from Hollywood filmmakers to journalists, tour-guides and chefs. This evening is about reflecting on that legacy and recognizing his contributions while celebrating the stories he’s touched.

Darren Aronofsky – Panelist – Director of mythic films like Pi, Black Swan, The Fountain, Noah and Mother as well as series like One Strange Rock for National Geographic and Limitless with Chris Hemsworth; Darren is one of the most compelling filmmakers in the world–especially for mythologists.

It all starts with this book. — Darren Aronofsky

Jeffrey Kripal, PhD – Panelist – Board Chair of Esalen Institute & founder of the Gnosticism, Esotericism and Mysticism program at Rice University; Dr. Kripal is a world-renown leader in the space of mythology and religious philosophy–especially the esoteric. His work on authorship will be central to our discussion.

Will Linn, PhD – Panelist – Founding Chair of the General Education Department at Hussian College (formerly Studio School) & Editor of The Skeleton Key to the Hero with a Thousand Faces for the Joseph Campbell Foundation; Will has built an emphasis on myth and story into a top film school.

The Writer’s Journey is a fixture among canonical masterworks on the duet between myth and story. A must read for storytellers and scholars of all kinds, Vogler’s work is like a Trojan Horse of industry-leading lessons that unlocks a door to myth– if not meaning. — Will Linn, Ph.D.

Corinne Bourdeau – Master of Ceremonies – Director of the Eslaen Institute Inspirational Film Festival and Founder of 360 Degree Communications; Corinne is a leading promoter of films with mythological inflections–from Samsara and Infinite Potential to Free Solo and Boyhood.

Brilliant! Offers a potent, and masterful guide through the world of myth, archetypes, and the roots of good storytelling. An exquisitely layered and rich book. — Corinne Bourdeau

MythosophiaFrom the Myth Salon to Master Classes & the Santa Barbara News-Press radio series, Mythosophia hosts conversation and community at the crossroads of myth and wisdom. Check out our season of events here.

Michael Wiese Productions – From Writers’ Journey and On Directing to Save the Cat and Masters of the Cinematic Universe, MWP is the leading publisher of books on filmmaking–especially those with an emphasis on myth.

ScreenCraft – is dedicated to helping emerging writers and filmmakers succeed through education, talent-discovery and writer development programs.

For more information on Chris Vogler and his formative influence on the way stories are told, check out Living The Hero’s Journey In The Age Of Change with Christopher Vogler.


Mythology Channel – The Mythology Channel promotes, produces and distributes mythological content, conversation and community.

Mack Sennett Studios – Mack Sennett Studios exists as an entertainment industry pillar, a living testament to the historic arc of an industry that continues to undergo tremendous changes as digital technology replaces the materiality of traditional cinematic techniques.

CGoodTV – CGoodTV offers hundreds of feel-good and life enhancing films, series &podcasts.

Hollihock – Hollihock is a platform designed to propel your writing. Host events, find resources, take classes, and connect with like-minded writers.

Hussian College In Studio – The first and only school of its kind, created in a Hollywood studio. Hussian offers BFAs in Film and Digital Content, Acting, Musical Theatre and Commercial Dance.


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