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Merlin - The Wizard

Join us in ReMembering (Merlin) Lailoken's legacy: inspiring and creating a new wave of positive change through collective meaning-making.

30th June. 7pm (BST). Online - ZOOM.

"A radical cultural ReMembering of Lailoken, better known as MERLIN, reclaimed from the societal shadows of neglect and ridicule, explored through the insights of a historian, an alchemist, a philosopher, a mythologist, a medium, and YOU..."

Maiden Mother Crone invites you to the next chapter of the ReMembering Series:

"Stories From the Edge of Chaos"

We're embarking on an extraordinary journey, diving deep into the tales that challenge the fabric of our perceived reality.

This series is an exploration of those who've danced with the tumultuous tides of change and emerged with insights that redefine what we know.

This is more than history; it's a movement. Inspired by ancient wisdom, we're crafting a future through the stories we choose to remember and tell.

Third in this series, we ReMember:

Merlin (Lailoken) - The Fairy Wizard; Bridging the Spiritual & Physical Realms

Step into the mystical world of Merlin, a figure whose life weaves together power, wisdom, and magic. Known as Lailoken in the ancient tales, Merlin's journey is one of prophecy and shapeshifting, wisdom and transformation. A prophet who foresaw events, a magician who could transform into a blackbird, and a wise counsellor to kings, advising them on the ripple effects of their actions. Part human, part fae, Merlin straddled the worlds of the mortal and the mystical, striving to restore harmony between them. His story beckons us to rediscover the magic and wisdom that permeates our own lives, waiting to be reawakened.

Join us as our panel of specialists, including a Historian, Alchemist, Philosopher, Mythologist, and Medium, bring Merlin’s story to life. We will start with historical accounts and research before delving into the depths of our individual, cultural, and societal understandings. Together, we'll gain a deeper insight into our collective unconscious and explore how we can reclaim what was marginalized for the good of all. By integrating each individual’s perspective into the collective, we can shape a new way forward.

What Others are Saying:

"Valuable to shifting our mindset to collective thinking and engage culturally-shifting ideas."
"I do think these conversations help as they cover many different angles and people who are underrepresented."
"I find real value in the work you are bringing forward as we are looking at history from a new perspective."
"Any real social movement begins with discussions and coalitions."
"The dynamic and varied perspectives of the presenters was fascinating."
"I thought a very safe and supportive space was held for all."
"I think this is a conversation we need and the paradigm has to change and start somewhere."
"What I liked best was the open space to have a conversation that is not normally facilitated."
"I just feel very grateful to have come across the session and I have enjoyed listening to and contributing with my own perspectives and have the conversation. Thank you."
"Looking forward to the next one."

"The new hero's journey is a collective one."

This is your invitation to be part of a community that looks beyond the veil of history to find inspiration, meaning, and a sense of empowered belonging.

Don't miss this chance to connect with the past in a way that illuminates our path forward.

Let's discover the power of stories to transform our world together.

Reserve Your Spot Today!

Reconnect with the magic of Merlin and find the wisdom that resonates within your own life. We look forward to seeing you at this extraordinary event.


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