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LEFT EYE: Graduation Ritual Mythic Regaila

The standardizations of academic regalia in the Middle Ages model a convergence of European wisdom traditions. As the first universities emerged, academic gowns were adopted from the Christian Clergy, whose attire came from the Catholicism of Rome, which drew from older Classical and near eastern adornments. Mortarboards, the oddest articles in all of academia, were named after the Masonry tool that shares its shape.* Whether or not the Masters' Hood represents the heightened intelligence of Druids remains up for debate. Across centuries and around the world, these are the vestments of a college graduate.

Amplifying, we recognize the unique robes and uniforms of monks and priests from modern Tibet to Ancient Egypt. Amplifying further, we recognize shaving, tattoos and even circumcision as a way to identify an adept.

* When the degrees are conferred, candidates will move their tassels from right to left to display their new status as a graduate and alumni.


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