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Time Outside Time & the Intercalary Leap (Day)

Happy Leap Day! Most calendars have what are called intercalary days — days that fill the gaps in the calendar. Mythologically, these days take place in time outside time—like creation. For the Egyptians, who recognized twelve thirty day months, there were five days between every Egyptian year, and in these days, they celebrated their creation and resurrection myths. The darkness of an eclipse — like the dark moment in any light cycle’s renewal (midnight, new moon, winter solstice, eclipse) is the moment in the cycle that is free and outside of time. This corresponds with the moment of inner extinguishing when having a visionary experience — this is when we are unplugged from the flow of time and can touch creation. It is unfortunate that our leap day is only aligned with calendars that have been all but fully disconnected from the natural world, but we can still remember. The leap day, like an eclipse, like intercaliary days, release us from time—if only for a brief moment.


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