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Textual Criticism in Indian Mythology by Dr. Amruta Natu.

Textual Criticism is an important aspect of Literary Research in field of Mythology. Still it is not discussed to the necessary extent in academic studies of Mythology. Thus we are very fortunate to have an exclusive session on Textual Criticism in Indian Mythology to understand what Textual Criticism means, what kind of research work has already been done in Indian Mythology with Textual Criticism and Future Scope of research.

Dr. Amruta Natu holds Ph.D. in Sanskrit and Masters in Indology. She is currently working as Assistant Curator in Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute and as Visiting Faculty at Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth. Her Ph.D. dissertation on "Georg Buhler's Contribution to Indology" has been published under Harvard Oriental Series. Dr. Natu is supervising projects on "Descriptive Catalogue of Epics & Puranas Manuscripts" and "Jaina Prosopography".


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