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Pulling Focus: Changing of the Gods with Richard Tarnas & Kenny Ausubel

Inspired by Richard Tarnas’ landmark book Cosmos and Psyche, Changing of the Gods is a riveting 10-episode docu-series acclaimed as a “masterpiece,” “game-changer,” and “medicine for the people.”

Using the lens of archetypal astrology, we paint a sweeping journey into “the arc of the moral universe” across world-changing revolutionary epochs that epitomize the quest for liberation, freedom and justice. We land in “the fierce urgency of now” at this epic moment of revolutionary transformation.

If worldviews create worlds, is there an emerging new worldview that can bring about a restored world? Do we live in a cosmos that’s saturated by consciousness, meaning and purpose? Changing of the Gods is an inspiring call to action that finds order in the chaos and offers authentic hope. Each of us has a unique part to play.


Kenny Ausubel is the co director of Changing of the Gods and the founder of Bioneers, which many of you have heard of. Bioneers is an innovative nonprofit organization that highlights breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet.  - it acts as a fertile hub of social and scientific innovators with practical and visionary solutions for the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges. Some of you know that Mythouse put together the learning technology and narrative structure for a certificate course put together by Al Gore’s climate reality and the Harvard Alumni Association. What you may not know is that, with the help of Corinne Bordeaux and the blessing of Kenny Ausubel, speakers from Bioneers supercharged that event, and that event has doing a lot of good. Already we are seeing real leadership driven changes by the Harvard Alumni who took the program.  So it’s been a real privilege to have Kenny’s support in making a positive influence on the world together, and here he is, at it as always, tirelessly (and for those of us who know him, they know I mean tirelessly) making the world a better place.

Richard Tarnas is the author of Cosmos & Psyche as well as Passion of the Western Mind. Dr. Tarnas earned his PhD in philosophy from Harvard before becoming head of education at Esalen Institute, where he worked with Stan Grof Joseph Campbell and a number of other luminaries of the past century. From there he became the founding chair of the Philosophy Cosmology & Consciousness PhD program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, also known as CIIS, and along the way, he served as the philosophy teacher in my own PhD program in mythology and depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, where he continues to teach and contribute to the community. Though this is our first official collaboration, I’ve been looking for a way to connect with Rick for a decade now. In 2012, I asked if you’d join the committee for my dissertation on intellectual history. Luckily you said no, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to use so much of your work. I know we’re here tonight for Cosmos & Psyche, but I can’t recommend Passion of the Western Mind enough, which is now the text book for the philosophy course I teach young artists. So I just wanted to thank you for this work that’s meant so much to me, and I thought I might invite you to say hello to the students in my philosophy class, many of which are here this evening.

Safron Rossi is a scholar of literature, religion, mythology, archetypal astrology, alchemy, goddess traditions and Greek Myth. She is the co-editor of Jung on Astrology and editor of Joseph Campbell’s work on the feminine, Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine, which serves as a bit of a counter balance to his Hero with a Thousand Faces. Safron worked on this book while serving as curator of Opus Archives, which preserves the work of Joseph Campbell, James Hillman, Marina Gimbutas and others. She has since become a core faculty member at Pacifica Graduate Institute and a faculty member at Astrology University. Her most recent book, The Kore Goddess: A Mythology & Psychology, was published in 2021. For more on her work, you’ll want to check out her website, Safron is a leading scholar on Astrology and the feminine divine—thank you for being with us tonight, Safron!

Becca Tarnas is a scholar of archetypal psychology, astrology, philosophy and the imagination. Daughter of Richard Tarnas, Becca teaches at both Pacifica Graduate Institute and the California Institute of Integral Studies. I originally had the good fortune of discovering Becca through a student of mine obsessed with Lord of the Rings. He had come across her incredible dissertation on the Two Red Books of Jung and Tolkien, which she presented on with us last year. Becca continues the family legacy of Astrology, which I hope we’ll hear a bit about. She has served as editor of Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Astrology and has authored numerous papers on the topic — not to mention poetry, plays, paintings and travels. For information on her Astrology practice or more on Becca, please visit Becca — Becca, thank you for joining us tonight!

Dennis Patrick Slattery, Ph.D. is a Distinguished Emeritus Professor in the Mythological Studies Program At Pacifica Graduate Institute. He has authored, coauthored, edited or coedited 33 volumes of poetry, non fiction and fiction. His most recent titles include The Way of Myth: Stories' Subtle Wisdom and The Fiction in Our Convictions. His web site, contains a series of blogs, paintings, adventure invitations and online courses.


Dana White, Ph.D. a contributing faculty member to Pacifica's myth degrees and author of numerous volumes on mythology. Over the course of his career, Dana has worked in radio and industrial television, as a vice president of marketing for Merrill Lynch, and as an academic department chair at an art college. He edits and designs books, produces films and motion media for universities, corporations and non-profits, and is a professional photographer with more than 40 books to his credit.He currently produces and hosts the Myth Salon, a venture he co-founded in 2016 with Dr. Will Linn,


Will Linn, PhD, Will is a Creative Mythologist. For three seasons and thirty episodes, he anchored the Sky, ZDF and History Channel TV show, Myths: The Greatest Mysteries of Humanity as one of the two recurring “meta experts.” He is the founder of and Head Mythologist for Fascinated by Everything—a visionary experience company that creates narrative art in next-generation mediums. Will served as a leader for the Joseph Campbell Foundation over an eight year period and was the founding chair of an innovative film and performing arts college called Relativity School in Los Angeles Center Studios. From2015-2023, he taught myth, anthropology, writing, story and philosophy at the college while leading high school, graduate and professional coursework in the United States and Europe. His media and conference appearances, publications and roundtables have been focused onthe poesis of nature and technology, meta-narratives of transformation, historical arcs in the mythic imagination and the archetypal revolution of meteor-steel.

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