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NY Mythology Group Hosts: Prometheus vs. the Status Quo, with Will Linn

Join the New York Mythology Group and Will Linn this Thursday at 4 P.M. Pacific Time for Prometheus vs. the Status Quo. Thank you to Emily Paul for the opportunity.

Zoom event link: Meeting ID: 879 2245 4974 | Passcode: 366257

Prometheus is testing his chains. The titan of freedom fighting and human rights is on the rise. Let’s look.. Let’s look at the archetypal patterns that recur with rebellion: disruptive knowledge and technology, ​cataclysm, and the confrontation of power with profound eloquence. Prometheus is a personification of procreation and the inspired impulse to craft. Art, technology, language and social change–we look to Prometheus to find that feeling. Sometimes it feels like rebellion. Sometimes it feels like creation. It always feels like change. And it comes through his every nuance. From bondage to liberation–from flood to fire and sunrise–his myth reveals the secret pattern that topples the status quo.

Will Linn is a Philosopher-Storyteller with a Ph.D. in Mythology and Depth Psychology. He is the Founding Chair of the General Education Department at Hussian College — a new film and performing arts school named by Variety as a top international film school in 2019 and 2020 — where he teaches courses in myth, story and philosophy. Will participates in documentaries and series as a topic expert on myth and media. “Memory: Origins of Alien” premiered at Sundance before a nation-wide theatrical release in 2019. Will has served as an editor and director for the Joseph Campbell Foundation as well as a creator and host for the Santa Barbara News-Press radio series, “Mythosophia.” He has presented and taught across continents and California for communities like Esalen, Pacifica Graduate Institute, the Philosophical Research Society and Ojai Foundation.

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