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MYTHOLOGY CLASSROOM: "Exploring the Relationship Between Mythology and Dance" with Ms. Vidula Hemant

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Come join the Mythology Classroom on Sunday, 1/10/21 at 3:30AM Pacific for a stimulating lecture on The Intrinsic Relationship Between Mythology and Dance with esteemed Indian artist and speaker, Ms. Vidula Hemant. Our Mythology Classroom friends are from India, and we are very excited they will be offering their fresh perspective to through their eclectic set of mythological courses. Registrants from the U.S. will also be granted access to the recorded versions of the lectures if you wish to learn at a more convenient time.

Vidula Hemant - Art historian and researcher, is a disciple of noted Kathak exponent Pta. Shama Bhate. She has performed in a number of choreographies of her guru in India and abroad. She has topped in Masters of Indology. Her training as a performing artist and her academic background in Indology gives her a unique interdisciplinary insight into Art History. She has presented research papers in various national and international conferences, and also a recipient of the Junior Research Fellowship conferred by the Ministry of Culture. Following her passion, she's currently pursuing a Ph.D.

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