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Goddesses of The Koli Fisherfolk of Mumbai by Dr. Jayant Bapat

Sindhu Veda Research Institute’s Mythology Classroom Project Brings You a Research based Academic session on “GODDESSES OF THE KOLI FISHERFOLK OF MUMBAI” by DR. JAYANT BAPAT on 07/07/24 - SUNDAY at 3PM Indian Standard Time.

Koli Fisherfolk Community of Mumbai is considered the indigenous community of the city that is being considered as one of the most populated and financially significant city in the world. In the midst of all the crowd and busy life; the Koli Fisherfolk community has still cherished its rituals and traditional values. In this particular session; Dr. Jayant Bapat shared account of the on field research. The Study becomes more interesting because of the Scholar’s previous research and publication work associated with Goddesses in Indian Culture and his personal association with Hindu rituals.

Dr. Jayant Bapat born in Maharashtra in 1938 & migrated to Australia in 1965; is currently an adjunct research fellow at School of Historical, Philosophical and International Studies (SOPHIS) - Monash University. His PhD in Organic Chemistry was from Monash University in 1968 & PhD in Indology was from La Trobe University; Australia in 2000. He is authorised Hindu Priest and Marriage Celebrant in Australia with over 1200 rituals performed. Dr. Jayant is awarded with Caroline Chisholm Award for Community Service in 2006 and Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in 2011; for service to the Hindu Community and to Education. He has eleven major publications including research papers and books.


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