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MYTH SALON: Synchronicity - An Emerging Vision To Guide Us with Dr. Joe Cambray

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Join us on Thursday, April 15th at 5PM Pacific for an exciting Myth Salon on An Emerging Vision To Guide Us with Joe Cambray, President/CEO of Pacifica Graduate Institute and Past-President of the International Association for Analytical Psychology. Register now

Jung's synchronicity can be understood as meaningful coincidences that has the potential to guide us in life. It is also an invitation to accept the miraculous forces that move underneath our everyday activities.

In this Myth Salon, you will learn how Carl Jung came up with the concept of synchronicity and how it opened the door to the possibility of finding meaning in select, random events. You will discover that synchronicity is a deep concept, one that goes beyond its practical application in everyday life to exploring the very nature of reality. You will see that the world is no longer governed by the simple laws of cause and effect but that it is more complex and miraculous. Here, reality is interconnected, as are psyche and matter. In this world, there are calls and invitations, and meaningful coincidences that help in leading one's life. Come and revel in this meaningful talk about coincidences!

In support of the event, Mythouse has curated a set of content portals to serve as introductions and deep dives Joe's work, Carl Jung and the topic of Synchronicity, Individuation, and Chris Vogler's "The Writer's Journey".

This Myth Salon is supported by a partnership with Michael Wiese Productions, which is working with us to deliver leading mythological conversations to storytellers.

As part of the presentation, we will explore marvelous hidden visions emerging from two areas: ecological studies pointing to the interconnectedness of all things, and artistic intuitions revealed in far-reaching insights into nature. From an ecological approach to a forest system, the underground of interconnected Rhizomatic structures will assist us in making visible what has been hidden and barely hinted at, until recently. Afterwards, you will not walk in nature as you have previously without these tools.

In parallel with this we will delve into the creations of various artists and artistic traditions, seeing how they exhibited a profound grasp of principle of nature represented in their artistic productions long before scientific understanding of these principles existed. Waking up these potentials in ourselves can help us discover ways of knowing (gnosis) largely lost to the modern world.




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