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Myth Salon: In the Realms of Consciousness: Decoding Psychedelic Experiences through Jungian Theory

If the names of Terence McKenna, Rupert Sheldrake or Michael Pollan mean anything to you, or if you have been listening to the news about the influx of psychedelics and entheogens into both the culture and therapy, then, on Wednesday July 10, you really will appreciate Sherree Malcolm Godasi. Once again we are expanding the breadth of scholarship we bring to the Myth Salon. Sherree Malcolm Godasi is a psychedelic educator, certified coach and integration trailblazer working with individuals and groups who are on a path of recovery, healing, psycho-spiritual transformation and life optimization. Her presentation is titled “In the Realms of Consciousness: Decoding Psychedelic Experiences through Jungian Theory.” She tells us that while Carl Jung denied ever using psychedelic substances or administering them to patients and fervently challenged their use as means for personal growth, he nonetheless personally confessed to devoting more than 40 years of his life to studying the same psychic spheres of numinous experience often recognized through the psychedelic lens. Themes that are shared in both the momentous psychedelic realm and depth psychology studies suggest his innovative grasp of the profundity of consciousness is exceptionally relevant to decoding the psychedelic experience. It is also useful for potentiating their ability to catalyze both personal growth and collective development when paralleled with active psychedelic integration. In this presentation we will examine the foundations of the psychedelic integration process through core concepts of depth psychology, and how solidifying potentially fleeting psychedelic experiences through ongoing integration practice can amplify and sustain both individual and collective healing and the undertaking of human transformation.

Sherree’s approach draws from transpersonal & depth psychology, Eastern philosophy and shamanic healing modalities to fuse ancient wisdom with modern & practical practices. A pioneer in the field of psychedelic integration and community building, Sherree Godasi is the founder of PsychedeLiA: Psychedelic Integration, Los Angeles ( a harm-reduction oriented organization that offers educational resources, emotional support and community-connecting events to people who are interested in psychedelics; and the co-founder of InnerSpace Integration, a specialized professional network for integration providers. She maintains a private coaching practice in Chino Hills, CA and has worked with people who are afflicted by anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, substance use disorders, personality disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, eating disorders, life changes, relationship & social issues and spiritual emergence. As an advocate of psychedelic healing and cognitive liberty she is humbled to support others in conscious transformation and witness the collective psychedelic renaissance. Sherree is married to Dr. Ben Malcolm and is a mother to Myla. She is passionate about writing, learning, Jungian psychology, inner work, creative expression and living a wholly, integrated life. 


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