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MYTH SALON: Hieroglyph of the Human Soul with Leigh McCloskey

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Watch here.

On Thursday, March 4th at 5:00pm Pacific, the Myth Salon is ecstatic to be joined by Leigh J. McCloskey, who will be presenting "Hieroglyph of the Human Soul".

Leigh McCloskey is truly a modern renaissance man. He is an artist, author, actor and visual Hermetic philosopher. His life, career and art reveal in beauty and meaning his devotion to the ideal of cultivating renaissance and imaginative rebirth through shared enthusiasm for the more interesting and inspiring stories of being human. It is a privilege to have Leigh bring offer his talent and artistry to the Myth Salon. Search Leigh on YouTube to see some of his creative breadth!

He began painting The Hieroglyph of the Human Soul with the emergence of the Watcher Language on 9-11-01 that triggered this truly original and remarkable work within domestic space that covers the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture creating a vast cave painting within the home and library essentially. If Zoom enabled images, I would have included some from my experiences with Leigh in this remarkable space.

In a very special use of capturing zoom imagery, multi-award-winning filmmaker Alex Rotaru will be directing and video-capturing Leigh in the Hieroglyph Room for the Myth Salon.

A polymath born in Romania, where he got his first taste of showbiz as a child star under Communism, he moved to the USA and earned two top honors degrees – a SB in Physics from MIT and an MFA in Film Production from USC's School of Cinematic Arts. After graduating, he directed several award-winning, character-driven documentaries, including New York Times Critic’s Picks THEY CAME TO PLAY and SHOWTIME Networks’ SHAKESPEARE HIGH, produced by Dana Brunetti, Dean Devlin and Kevin Spacey.


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