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MYTH SALON: Embracing the Heretical and Re-embodying the Dark Feminine with Dr. Vorris Nunley

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

After a break for Thanksgiving, on Thursday December 3 at 5PM PST, Dr. Vorris Nunley will be presenting “Embracing the Heretical and Re-embodying the Dark Feminine.” Re-reading the Adam and Eve story of paradise through Goddess myths and Toni of Toni Morrison’s most mythic embodiment of the dark feminine, the mundane, everyday character Pilate (born without a navel) and the novel Paradise. This presentation will excavate and make legible the re-emergence of that which the Western imagination continues to torture and punish: the dark and the feminine. Dr. Nunley will re-examine notions of the underground, rootedness, darkness and the nigredo, and provocatively argue for the intersection of the feminine and blackness. Dr. Vorris L Nunley is a Professor at the University of California, Riverside who teaches rhetoric, philosophy, and literature. He is interested in issues of heretical energy, the dark feminine, gendered and racialized knowledge, and the demise of vulnerability. His most recent presentation was a Sophia Center seminar on “The Monstrous, Women, and Meta-narrative” where he addressed the Adam and Eve myth in contemporary culture. His most recent article: ”Adrift in Precarity: The Post-Family in an Neoliberal Era.”


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