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Myth Salon: Complexity and Emergence: from Mythologies to Contemporary Science with Dr. Joe Cambray

Not to be distracted by the Dodgers forcing a Game 7 of the World Series, this is the announcement for the November Myth Salon that will feature Dr. Joe Cambray, Pacifica’s new President and CEO. As we approach Thanksgiving this year, I am reminded of the many ways we are able to share and connect with existence. Autumn is an easy time to express generosity, to make invitation to nature and one another to embrace us, and to contemplate the changes in the world so as to understand what we can do to make life more loving.

As I write this, the Myth Salon has been a part of the Pacifica community for a year. From its first baby steps, it has been received and supported by people in the alumni base and encouraged by the institute itself. I join my friend and colleague, Dr. Will Linn, in expressing sincere humble gratitude.

On Tuesday, November 21 at 7pm, the Myth Salon is honored to have Dr. Joe Cambray, President and CEO of Pacifica Graduate Institute, join us for a presentation on “Complexity and Emergence: from Mythologies to Contemporary Science.”

Joe’s talk will explore the conceptions of complexity and spontaneous emergence of structures in the world. The modern scientific theories of complexity will be reviewed with applications to psychological issue highlighted. These ideas will also be compared with imagery and narratives from ancient myths which emphasis “emergence” in creation stories, and with imagery in Jung’s Red Book.

’Tis the season to be jolly – though sometimes these days, jolly doesn’t seem to be the best descriptor! So, let’s see if we get ourselves on the right track as the year is about to come to a close.


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