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Myth Salon: COMMUNITY with Dr. Will Linn and Dana C. White, PhD

The Myth Salon is all about cultivating community – bringing people and ideas into a delicious convergence every month to explore ideas of substance. On Thursday September 19, Dr. Will Linn, the indefatigable moderator of our Myth Salon, and I will bring the idea of community to the forefront – using both the idea and reality of community as talking points for an engaging discussion with all who understand the wonderment and joy of thoughtful people coming together with a common purpose of exploring consciousness . Why do we have community some places? Why does community not take seem to establish roots in other places? Whether through participation in the Pacifica Alumni Association, the Philosophical Research Society, the Joseph Campbell Writers’ Room, the Jung Institute, the Jung Study Center, or any of the many great venues dedicated to cultural, spiritual and intellectual development, when we nurture and sustain our community relations and involvement, we all benefit! So, please join us as we explore how and why we have all found ourselves upon this rich and fertile path, and what we can do to increase the amperage of myth and substance wherever we are.

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Hi Dana,

First ,a belated welcome to Santa Cruz!! I am a psychiatrist in private practice here in Santa Cruz with a passionate interest in psychologies East and West!! I understand you enjoy the redwood forests and I would be honored to take you and your wife on a guided tour of Nisene Marks State Park at your convenience. I live in a home that is accessed by driving into the park.

I have enjoyed the Myth Salon but seem to have been dropped from the email list.

all the best,


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