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Myth Salon: Alchemical Nature of the Popol Vuh with Dr. Norland Téllez

As a wonderful followup to our very successful and engaging September Myth Salon on Alchemy by Dr. Charles Zeltzer, on Wednesday, October 18, the Myth Salon will feature Dr. Norland Téllez, a renowned artist and myth scholar who focused his doctoral dissertation in Pacifica’s Mythological Studies on the Popol Vuh and its alchemical nature, which he came to call the Mayalchemy of its Root Ancient Word.

Norland puts forth his argument for the alchemical nature of the Popol Vuh in both word and image. On the one hand, he advances a conceptual study into the esoteric dimensions of the Popol Vuh. On the other hand, he performs his own “Painted Study of the Painted Book,” through the medium of oil painting and digital illustration, work which he will be exhibiting that night as part of his presentation. Norland’s work bears special reference to the works of Joseph Campbell, James Hillman, Wolfgang Giegerich, and Carl Jung. At the same time, he is deeply interested in the Lacanian and Hegelian implications of his research for a possible “science of myth.” We are very fortunate to have this evening with Norland. Those of you who are familiar with him and his artistic productions already know this will be an incredibly fascinating and engaging Myth Salon that is not to be missed.

Myth Salon: Alchemical Nature of the Popol Vuh with Dr. Norland Téllez


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