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Myth & Mind – A Virtual Myth Salon with John Colarusso

John Colarusso Myth Salon.JPG

Dear Friends of Myth & Story,

This is a reminder and invitation to a virtual Myth Salon tonight at 5PM with John Colarusso on Myth & Mind. Our honored first responder tonight will be Richard Dugan, host of Tell me Your Story and Station Operations Manager at Santa Barbara News-Press radio. We will be joined by our community panel, and we look forward to bringing everyone in a bit earlier this week!

John Colarusso is the founding chair of the world’s largest linguistics department at McMaster in Canada and served as an advisor to the Clinton administration on the wars in the Caucasus. One of the world’s leading mythologists and Indo-European scholars, John holds degrees from Cornell, North Western and Harvard, where he earned his Ph.D. in linguistics. John’s commentary is at once political, mythological and psychologically focused on our contemporary situation.

With this invitation to John, we hope our fellow members of the International Association for Comparative Mythology will feel especially welcomed.

John will be accompanied by Host, Dana White, moderator, Will Linn, and a panel of guests that includes many of the world’s leading mythologists. Our honored first responder this week will be Richard Dugan—host of Tell me Your Story and Station Operations Manager for Santa Barbara News-Press 1290 AM. Recordings of the radio series we started in 2015 called mythosophia can be found on most podcast networks and, where you can also find the series John and I produced together called Deep Sight.

It would be an understatement to say I’m looking forward to bringing two of my favorite conversation partners into this Myth Salon. Hopefully you’ll join us! As promised, we’re going to find ways to bring the audience in a bit more this time.


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