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Myth is All Around Us, with Maggie Mendenhall

Myth is All Around Us

Myth is All Around Us is an interview series in which the host, Margaret “Maggie” Mendenhall, explores mythic stories and characters with a series of guests to discover where they are reflected in our culture today.

Myth Is All Around Us first airs on – a public access digital network and long beach community television channel.

Margaret Mendenhall holds an M.A. in Mythological Studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she is currently working on a Ph.D. dissertation. Her work examines the different aspects of feminine energy and the concept of the rescue story as they are represented in the German-language operas of Mozart, Beethoven, Weber, Wagner and Richard Strauss.

“Here in the Myth Cafe, we are mythologists, and we are investigating sacred narratives.”

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