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LEFT EYE: Frobenius and the Night Sea Journey

LEFT EYE reflects on Frobenius and the Night Sea Journey—a predecessor of Individuation and the Hero’s Journey. The story he identified was that of the hero through night—in the belly of a whale.

According to the pioneering comparativist, there are eight stages, which, according to Jung, culminated in a triumph of consciousness. First, the hero is swallowed. This mimes sunset —into the sea. Then, once the hero / whale / sun have passed through the pillars of midnight—beyond the nadir of darkness—new light sparks. Fire is stolen. The whale’s journey is then to sunrise—returned as a flame of consciousness.

As the sun journeys through the belly of the whale, you will be on your own journey as you sleep through the night. Check out our new Night Sea Journey Fleece Blanket available in the “MERC” shop! All purchases help support our efforts to bring myth and wisdom to communities around the globe.

LEFT EYE, the lunar eye, the Eye of Horus, receives and reflects. The archetypal bifurcation of the Solar and Lunar eyes–such as Ra’s and Horus’–span the mythic landscape. Where the Evil Eye beams out projections, the eye-breast recalls an inverted reflection: To see into existence is to nurse into being. This is the work of the lunar eye, of our LEFT EYE, to nurse, see and love towards greater fullness.


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