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LEFT EYE: and a note from Dr. Slattery

Myths help us to keep in touch with inward forces. They tell us of powers of psyche to be recognized and integrated into our lives, powers common to the human spirit from the beginning. —Joseph Campbell, Myths to Live By

Myths, like dreams, are living symbols. They serve each of us individually and collectively as guides to aid us in harmonizing our interior world with the surrounding landscape we inhabit. In our lifelong search for meaning, mythology offers up images and stories that incite our imagination and lead us to an understanding of life’s tapestry. The portals I have found most fruitful in such excavating have included classics of literature and poetry, cultural studies, the depth psychology of C.G. Jung, the archetypal psychology of James Hillman, as well as the mythology of Joseph Campbell and others. All of these disciplines have been in the service of what I call Explorations in Mythopoetics—by which I mean how we make and shape our myth daily through the narratives we live by, the values that guide us, the images and ideas that attract us and the areas of learning that excite us. Through various modes of expression—such as writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, and other creative outlets—we can pursue our personal mythology as a journey of self-discovery. The wisdom of the ages can illuminate and offer to our personal and collective current crises, new ways of thinking about and integrating them in our lives. What, then, could be more important to a fulfilled life than exploring the personal and collective myths that inform our daily existence? I have spent over half a century enjoying such an exploration and I invite you to join me in furthering your own journey.

Please visit my new website and join me often to read my Blog and be inspired in your explorations in mythopoetics.

LEFT EYE, the lunar eye, the Eye of Horus, recieves and reflects. The archetypal bifurcation of the Solar and Lunar eyes–such as Ra’s and Horus’–span the mythic landscape. Where the Evil Eye beams out projections, the eye-breast recalls an inverted reflection: To see into existence is to nurse into being. This is the work of the lunar eye, of our LEFT EYE, to nurse, see and love towards greater fullness.


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