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Independence Days of July

As our national holiday, Independence Day approaches in the coming month, we find ourselves contemplating the ideas of liberty, revolution, and the significance of celebrating national identity.

People from all over the world across time have taken fate into their hands and demanded freedom and liberty for all, bringing governmental change to their countries and a sense of renewal in the political ideals of nations. Here are some examples of significant dates of international independence to be observed in July.


Burundi from Belgium, 1st 1962

Rwanda from Belgium, 1st 1962

Somalia from Italy and the United Kingdom, 1st 1960


Belarus from Nazi Germany, 3rd 1944


United States from Kingdom of Great Britain, 4th 1776


Algeria from France, 5th 1962

Cape Verde from Portugal, 5th 1975

Venezuela from Spanish Empire, 5th 1811


Malawi from the United Kingdom, 6th 1964

Comoros from France, 6th 1975


The Solomon Islands from the United Kingdom, 7th 1978


Argentina from Spanish Empire, 9th 1816

South Sudan from Sudan, 9th 2011


The Bahamas from the United Kingdom, 10th 1973


Sao Tome and Principe from Portugal, 12th 1975

Kiribati from the United Kingdom, 12th 1979


France / Bastille Day, 14th 1789


Slovakia (remembrance day), 17th 1992


Colombia from Spanish Empire, 20th 1810


Belgium from United Netherlands, 21st 1831


Liberia from American Colonization Society, 26th 1847

The Maldives from the United Kingdom, 26th 1965

The Netherlands from Spanish Empire, 26th 1581


Peru from Spanish Empire, 28th 1821


Vanuatu from France and the United Kingdom, 30th 1980

The Break from Spanish Imperialism in Latin America

Colombia, Colombian Declaration of Independence, July 20th 1810

Venezuela, Independence Day (Cinco de Julio), July 5th 1811

Argentina, Independence Day, July 9th 1816

Peru, Fiestas Patrias, July 28th 1821

Africa's First Independent Republic: A Culmination of Liberation

Liberia, Independence Day, July 26th 1847

Bastille Day: The Turn in the Revolution

France, Fête national (le 14 julliet), July 14th 1789

The Nazi Invasion: Freedom from the Wehrmacht

Belarus, Liberation/Republic Day, July 3rd 1944

The Republic of South Sudan: The Youngest Recognized Country

South Sudan, Independence Day, July 9th 2011

The Fourth of July: The American Independence Day

United States of America, Independence Day (4th of July), July 4th 1776


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