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FRAME AWARD: Storytelling Excellence

“Another one of the most unique elements of my undergraduate education was a deep focus on mythological structure, and in particular, Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. Growing up, I had always been a voracious writer, consuming as much literature and watching as many great films as possible. As a result, my understanding of storytelling runs deep, which allowed me to connect strongly with this unique monomyth-centric education. When I completed my degree and graduated in 2019, the mastermind behind this unique program, Dr. William Linn II, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Joseph Campbell Foundation’s Writers’ Room at Studio School Los Angeles, as well as the Department Chair for General Education, presented me with an ‘Award for Excellence in Storytelling,’ a great honor that I was surprised and thrilled to receive during my graduation ceremony.”

Eli Di Fiore of Studio School’s first graduating class is honored with the Frame Award for Excellent Storytelling by Executive Director of the Joseph Campbell Writers’ Room, Will Linn.

“You know those shows and movies about characters pushed beyond their limits by mad scientists until super powers start to emerge? As one of the mad scientists pushing your imaginations as hard and far as I could, I can’t even tell you how proud I am of your mutations. This award could go to any of you.  Ultimately I’d like to acknowledge a visual storyteller whose mastery has elevated the work of his peers and the entire production environment here at Studio School. He is a true collaborator with an insatiable appetite for creation and a natural feel for image as psyche – Eli Di Fiore, it is my honor to present this Frame Award for Excellent Storytelling. Congratulations.”

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