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Covid Journeys with Chris Vogler & Panelists – a virtual Myth Salon meets Transforming Conscious

Hi Everyone,

With the Covid crisis going on, the first thing I want to say is that my heart goes out to all of you struggling with personal and family concerns. If you’re feeling lonely, if you’re worried about a high risk loved one, if someone you care about is in a hospital or nursing home, my heart goes out to you.

This is an invitation to Myth Salon: Transforming Consciousness with Chris Vogler & Panelists

  1. Thursday at 5PM

  2. Register by clicking HERE or following the link below

FORMAT: Transforming Consciousness is a panel of mythologists and psychologists reflecting on the Covid crisis from various points of view. The Myth Salon, which has been held in the home of Dana White for the last four years, hosts special guests. We’ve decided to bring them together, which means the special guest will pollenate the panel’s discussion. We’re also inviting our friends from the Myth Salon and all over the world to participate in the chat and contribute questions.

Thursday at 5PM, we’ll be hosting Christopher Vogler, author of Writers’ Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers, who will share his mythic reflections about the journey we’re in. Chris needs no bio. Suffice it to say he’s the most read living mythologist in Hollywood and across the media landscape.

The events are led by:

  1. Host: Dana White, PhD – Contributing faculty – Pacifica Graduate Institute – scholar, author, editor

  2. Moderator: Will Linn, PhD – Founding Chair of General Education – Studio School; Editor – Joseph Campbell Foundation

And the Panelists include

  1. Patrick Mahaffey, PhD – Founding Chair of Mythological Studies PhD – Pacifica Graduate Institute

  2. Dennis Slattery, PhD – author, scholar, faculty – Pacifica Graduate Institute

  3. Greg Salyer, PhD – President – Philosophical Research Society; scholar, editor

  4. Selina Matthews, PhD – author, clinical depth psychologist

  5. Tara Gilmaher, MA – MA, MFA, ABD – Trauma and Integrative Depth Psychotherapist

  6. Vorris Nunley, PhD – scholar, professor – University of California, Riverside

  7. Elizabeth Nelson, PhD – author, faculty – Pacifica Graduate Institute

We have also invited Dara Marks, an esteemed mythologist and author on storytelling, to provide the first response to what Chris comes to share. She’ll be joined by another dear friend of the group, David Huff – an excellent filmmaker and photographer. Full crowd right?! We may miss one or two. We’re not overly formal.

Lastly, for those of you seeking more regular conversation with a mythic community during this time, Dana and I would like to point you towards the Joseph Campbell Foundation Facebook Mythic Salon. [Registration Details Below]

Sending love, hope to see you there,

Will & Dana

Please register in advance for this webinar:


  2. You’ll need to sign up for zoom (it’s free) in order to participate.

  3. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. My Zoom Webinar account allows for up 100 participants who will be able to sign on to the Zoom Webinar session and view the panelists in conversation with Christopher Vogler.  During the Myth Salon, as host, Dana will have the ability to add panelists, manage questions, and control the interaction – keeping in mind that the more panelists, the smaller the images of whoever is on the panel. There will be opportunity for interaction and questions, although please be patient, we are learning how to do this as it happens.  It’s much easier to manage the flow when we have a few of these under our belt, or when the Myth Salon takes place in my home.


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