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Conversation with Dr. Ashok Akhujkar Sir

Dr Ashok Aklujkar, the author of Sanskrit: an Easy Introduction to an Enchanting Language, received his M.A. degree in Sanskrit and Pali from the University of Poona and his Ph.D. degree in Sanskrit and Indian Studies from Harvard University. He has been teaching courses in Sanskrit language and in the related mythological and philosophical literatures (occasionally also in Indian belles lettres in general) at the University of British Columbia since 1969. His published research is mostly in the areas of Sanskrit linguistic tradition and poetics. For the last several years he is engaged in the ambitious project of preparing critical editions of the works of Bhartihari, a grammarian-philosopher, and of the commentaries elucidating those works. Advanced students have worked under Aklujkar’s guidance in the areas of Buddhist and Brahmanical philosophy, religion, and mythology.

Dr.Ashok Aklujkar Sir visited Department of Sanskrit; University of Mumbai during first week of December 2014 for conducting lecture series on Bhartrhari’s Vākyapadīya. We used this opportunity and approached Dr.Aklujkar with help of Dr.Madhavi Narsalay Mam.


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