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Pulling Focus - Changing of the Gods with Dr. Richard Tarnas

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Pulling Focus - Changing of the Gods with Dr. Richard Tarnas
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Pulling Focus - Changing of the Gods with Dr. Richard Tarnas

Is Earth as it is in Heaven? Is there synchronicity between societal transformation and changings of the gods? As we continue the eternal exploration into archetypal character, mythic journeys and the narrative entanglement of micro and macro, Mythouse is honored to host Richard Tarnas, Kenny Ausubel, Safron Rossi & Becca Tarnas for a panel and Pulling Focus pre-premier screening of the new documentary, Changing of the Gods. Special thanks to the Alumni Association of Pacifica Graduate Institute for supporting the event.

Changing of the Gods is a groundbreaking 10-episode docu-series that uses the lens of archetypal astrology to paint a sweeping visual journey across historical cycles of revolution and world-changing transformations in mass consciousness. 

Based on the compelling book Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View by acclaimed scholar Richard Tarnas, the film series focuses on the “world transit” of Uranus and Pluto (2007-2020), the archetypal astrological picture for “revolutionary transformation.” Each time these global transits have aligned, the world has been rocked by radical change. 

The film series brings to life cyclical epochs of revolution with compelling archival footage, photographs, art, symbols and musical soundscapes. Anchored in dynamic interviews, we visit with a remarkable circle of wisdom keepers, great visionary activists, and thought leaders of our time. 

Changing of the Gods is an inspiring call to action to shift our consciousness and behavior on a mass scale.

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