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Transforming Consciousness – Covid 2

Greetings friends,

We are witnessing the breakdown of our culture as we have come to know it.  Basic assumptions about freedoms, human decency, and hope for the future are being challenged as we witness the toll the coronavirus pandemic is exacting.  However we will emerge from these coming weeks will largely be determined by whatever actions we take in the coming weeks.  However we emerge is certain to call for a transformation in consciousness.  Against this backdrop, wherever we turn, there are stories of people being gracious and showing compassion. What we began with last week’s zoom session will continue this week. Mindful that our conversation seems to have struck a nerve, I have also invited a few others to join us. As you know, we’re starting a little earlier – 5pm PST, so friends east of the time zone will be able to participate more easily.

No amount of summarizing can put a shine on our current state of affairs. Over 900 people died today as a result of the coronavirus, the most in a single day yet. Every state in the country is experiencing cases of the coronavirus and shortages of resources and personnel to fight this disease.  The pandemic is as close to a universal health threat as any of us has ever experienced – ever!  It is as epochal as archetypal. And while it is really difficult to remain home, it is unfortunately what we must do – until the medical community finds a cure or a vaccine.

For me, coming together in the zoom session reinforces the reality of community. It demonstrates the degree to which we are completely implicated in one another’s lives and in the natural world, and that it is impossible to see ourselves as anything other than through these patterns and processes. Normally, I would view these implications as rich, stimulating, unpredictable, and a source of archetypal mystery. Today, however, they mother the threat to our very existence – promulgating some to hold back their willing participation or become competitive because, simply put, they can.

I look forward to gathering tomorrow with you for a second session of transforming consciousness.

In the meantime,

Be well,



Dana C. White, PhD

Dana White Productions

2623 29th Street

Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 450-9101


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