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MYTH SALON: How Understanding Native American Mythology Can Help Save The Earth with Prof. Tok Thomp

Updated: May 5, 2021

Native American Mythology is often under-studied and under-recognized, yet it is a major component of World Mythology, generally, and continues in full vibrancy for many Native Americans today, providing the foundation of spiritual and ethical beliefs. Native Americans are often at the forefront of the drive to protect the health of the earth, and at the same time are often the frontline victims of climate change, and the Anthropocene. More and more scholars have come to recognize that saving planet earth requires more than technological changes, it requires cultural and philosophical changes, in order to develop more sustainable practices and ethics. But we don’t have to reinvent the wheel—beneath the surface of an American led capitalistic society that has proven itself fundamentally unsustainable are underrepresented Native American mythologies and cosmologies that offer restorative conceptualizations of earth and ethics of sustainability.



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