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LEFT EYE: The Sacred Vagina – My Portal into the Soul, by Sam Gleason

*For information on LEFT EYE, see below*

It is with great pleasure that I share the announcement for Dr. Sam Gleason’s newly released book, The Sacred Vagina – My Portal into the Soul – perhaps best characterized by the advance praise he received from Lionel Corbett: “Sam Gleason has written an extraordinary memoir. This work is open-hearted, emotionally expressive, vivid and self-revealing. He gives us a glimpse into the soul of a man who has truly done his psychological and spiritual homework.” Lionel Corbett, Jungian Analyst

This mythic memoir is about Sam’s midlife transformation, beginning with the painful death of his sixteen-year marriage. A month after separating from his wife, he feels “the impulse to jump” to his death from a five-story building. But instead of literally suiciding, Sam commits a symbolic suicide—an egocide. His ego-identity is decimated, as he digs into his soul and confronts his problem of being dependent and angry. Sam frames his spiritual journey in the terminology of Jungian psychology and with the images, ideas, and symbols of the Christian myth. He opens himself to being radically transformed by the unconscious—his soul and the Self. Within the fertile womb of his soul, he discovers some of the “fruits of the feminine.” Sam realizes his experience has been an inward journey toward the Self, a process of self-realization. Ultimately, he arrives on the shore of the Infinite Mystery.

The Sacred Vagina is about “life after death”—a journey into the life of his soul, after the death of his marriage. It is a story about finding meaning in one’s pain—experiencing redemption by choosing to consciously suffer into a new life. The Sacred Vagina can be found in paperback and eBook format I urge you to check it out – either at or on the book’s website:



LEFT EYE, the lunar eye, the Eye of Horus, recieves and reflects. The archetypal bifurcation of the Solar and Lunar eyes–such as Ra’s and Horus’–span the mythic landscape. Where the Evil Eye beams out projections, the eye-breast recalls an inverted reflection: To see into existence is to nurse into being. This is the work of the lunar eye, of our LEFT EYE, to nurse, see and love towards greater fullness.


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