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LEFT EYE: The Flip, by Jeffrey Kripal

LEFT EYE reflects on The Flip, by Jeffrey Kripal. On Thursday the 22nd, we’ll have to ask him what he knew when, in 2019, he described this work as a “wildly optimistic essay about a tippint point, about the future – be it near or far – of a new worldview, a new real that is presently forming.” Dr. Kripal presses, relentlessly, on the vulnerability points, paradoxes and repressions of our decaying sense of real. His endgame, however, is neither deconstruction nor doubt. His gift, among many, is a capacity for coherence and building vision. Read The Flip. It has our highest recommendation. Find out what it means to become a Cosmic Human.

Jeffrey Kripal, PhD, is a panelist for the upcoming event on the 22nd and Board Chair of Esalen Institute. He is also founder of the Gnosticism, Esotericism and Mysticism program at Rice University; Dr. Kripalis a world-renown leader in the space of mythology and religious philosophy–especially the esoteric


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