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KZSB Arts Radio Show with Elizabeth Stewart: COVID, PROTESTS & THE MYTH OF SAMSON with Brett Bai

Dear Friends,

Letting synchronicity speak for itself… When we planned to record and discuss a South African production of Samson on Friday May 29th, we had no idea where our culture would be.

Samson is a myth about a culture hero for a culture that’s been oppressed. The oppression leads to a violent uprising. As Brett asks, “what happens to that anger?” 

This version of the Samson myth was performed, in the past year, by black South Africans who lived through the horrors of apartheid. As North America continues its participation in the Samson myth, and as it spreads to the world, I hope reflecting on the story will deepen empathy and expand love — even for anger. 

Love listens. Love cares. Love refuses power, and nothing is more powerful than love.

Dr. Linn


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