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Indian Myth and Mythology in India, with Dr. Madhavi Narsalay – October – 10 – Myt


Madhavi Narsalay is a professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Mythology in the Sanskrit Department at the University of Mumbai—one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in India. She specializes in the Vedas and Vedanta, and is an expert in the fields of Indian Mythology and Aesthetics. This past April she curated and led the first annual festival on Comparative Mythology in India, and she is working with one of her students, Dr. Sunil Parab, to establish a Joseph Campbell Foundation Mythological RoundTable in Mumbai. In addition to her numerous academic contributions—articles, field research, presentations, and her forthcoming book on Vedic Sacrifice—Madhavi has also supported the transmission of myth from academia to entertainment. In 2012 she was featured on the Discovery Kids show, ‘Mystery Hunters”, and in 2009 she participated as a religious expert on a popular game show. Most recently she consulted for India’s wildly popular series, ‘MAHABHARAT’ based on the renowned Indian epic.


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