Announcing a New Season

Fall Equinox to the Winter Solstice. This journey is into the cold dark. As the world freezes, leaves fall and flow slows. Mimetically, this is the road from sunset to midnight, the waning of a halfmoon to new. This is the descent from death to Aker—when the planted seed settles. This is the voyage of sperm to an innermost chamber and the dive of great whales to a mythic seafloor.

At the solstice, fire will be stolen and life will be sparked.

We hope you’ll join us on the journey.

We hope to see you in the dark!

September 23rd – INAUGURAL EVENT Mythosophia Community Screening Series: INFINITE POTENTIAL

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December 17th – MYTH SALON Compassionate Male and Men’s Spirituality with DR. CLAY BOYKIN & DENNIS TARDAN

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October 15th – MYTH SALON The Evolving Myth of Star Wars with DR. STEVE GALIPEAU

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October 22nd – SPECIAL 25th anniversary celebration of the Writer’s Journey with CHRIS VOGLER

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October 29th – MYTH SALOIN Archetypal Narratives with DR. CAROL PEARSON

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November 12th – MYTH SALON Synchronicity/Tension of Opposites with DR. ROBERT HOPCKE

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December 3rd – MYTH SALON Construction of Black and White/ Female and Male with DR. VORRIS NUNLEY

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