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Interactive Journeys: Night Sea Journey – Frobenius

Interactive Journeys: Night Sea Journey – Frobenius


This interactive map of the mythological Night Sea Journey is an educational resource that brings you through the journey of the sun through the belly of the whale. 


This guide reflects on Frobenius and the Night Sea Journey—a predecessor of Individuation and the Hero’s Journey. The story he identified was that of the hero through night—in the belly of a whale.


According to the pioneering comparativist, there are eight stages, which, according to Jung, culminated in a triumph of consciousness. First, the hero is swallowed. This mimes sunset —into the sea. Then, once the hero / whale / sun have passed through the pillars of midnight—beyond the nadir of darkness—new light sparks. Fire is stolen. The whale’s journey is then to sunrise—returned as a flame of consciousness.

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