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MYTH SALON: "You like black culture, what about me?" with Waynette Brock

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

On Thursday, February 18th at 5:00pm Pacific, the Myth Salon is ecstatic to be joined by Waynette Brock, who will be presenting "You like black culture? What about me?"

Talk of race is everywhere – whether global, national, or local in our own communities. And, people have strong opinions and values when it comes to race. The phrase “I love humanity – it’s people I can’t stand” transfers all too easily when we express favoritism toward highly visible heroes like athletes and movie stars but shun the people we encounter directly in our daily lives. American culture is filled with systemic injustice and inequities that have become magnified by the pandemic. Front-line workers in all professions tend to be people of color, the ones most likely to be affected by Covid. When we draw our leaders from the ranks of privilege, what happens to the millions who feel they don’t have representation or a voice in the conversation?

Waynette Brock is the CEO of One Hew Heartbeat, a 501(c) 3 CBO that has provided Breaking Barriers to Build Bridges through their “Last Chance” Initiative, Identifying and Healing from Intergenerational & Personal Trauma, Re-Entry Mentoring, HCV/HIV Education as well as Wellness and Recovery training and support to individuals in San Mateo County for 13 years.

She personally conducted wellness and recovery groups in San Mateo County Corrections facilities for 8 years, and currently facilitates seven online wellness support groups each week that are open to the public.

One New Heartbeat, under her direction, provides staff training, consultation and technical support to SM Co CBOs. ONHB also provides support groups and resources to San Mateo County residents that are affected by trauma, addictions, incarceration and life-threatening illnesses.

All of Ms. Brock’s and One New Heartbeat's services and supports are provided at no charge to the clients.




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