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Myth Salon: The Devine Mind with Michael Gellert

On Thursday March 22, the Myth Salon will be visited by Michael Gellert, author of The Divine Mind: Exploring the Psychological History of God’s Inner Journey, Modern Mysticism, The Fate of America, and The Way of the Small. He is a Jungian analyst and formerly the Director of Training at the CG Jung Institute in Los Angeles. His website is His new book, The Divine Mind, tells the story of the Abrahamic God’s inner journey: who he originally was—a God tormented and divided against himself and humanity—and who he became is a journey from trauma to redemption, from affliction to enlightenment. Spanning from the scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to their later mystical teachings, the book explains many of the Hebrew Bible’s darker moments yet concludes on the same joyful note as his journey, namely, on a celebration of his deep, mystical nature. It shows how his inner journey offers us a metaphor for our own. 

Michael Gellert, Jungian analyst and author. The Divine Mind with David Van Nuys Interview. Audio: An Interview on The Divine Mind on “TKO with Kara Ro” CKLW, 800 AM, Detroit, MI the week of the Toronto van attack on April 23, 2018

Myth Salon: The Devine Mind with Michael Gellert


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