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MYTH SALON: Compassionate Male and Men’s Spirituality with Dr. Clay Boykin & Dennis Tardan

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

On Thursday, October 1 at 5PM Pacific Time, the Myth Salon is pleased to present Clay Boykin and his producer, Dennis Tardan, who are in search of the new compassionate male. It is no secret that centuries of patriarchy and a skewed sense of masculinity bear much of the responsibility for steering humanity away from the nature and the deep feminine. Male empowerment has formed the foundation upon which our current cultural and political conditions rest.  Clay Boykin and Dennis Tardan believe that amidst the turmoil in the world the new compassionate male is emerging as the new archetype. While much of their work may focus on transforming males and the masculine, the core values and principles evoke the relational qualities of the deep feminine. Based in Austin, Texas, they are engaging thought leaders who have developed conversations with enlightened people of all stripes and we are deeply privileged that they are coming to the Myth Salon on Thursday, October 1st to explore this new paradigm.

Clay Boykin is in Search of the New Compassionate Male. Since his book: Circles of Men: A Counter-Intuitive Approach to Creating Men’s Groups, was published in 2018, Clay has been on a global search in the belief that a New Compassionate Male is emerging as the new archetype for the 21st century. He has dedicated his next twenty years to making the world a better place by empowering men to cultivate and integrate the divine male and divine female essences within, and live a life centered on compassion and serving the greater good.

Clay is a former U.S. Marine Corps officer and corporate change agent with a deep-seated belief in servant leadership. He founded the Men’s Fellowship Network: Circles of Men Project in 2012, has facilitated hundreds of weekly circles, has led workshops and given seminars in North America and Africa, and has helped thousands of men learn about self-compassion and grow along their life journey.

Dennis Tardan is an interviewer, communication coach and documentarian. For more than 40 years, Dennis has worked as a television interviewer and documentary producer and corporate communication coach for companies such as Shell, Farmers Insurance, ConocoPhillips, Siemens, Rice University and many others.


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