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Myth Salon: A Special Night of Music with Michael Mollura PhD

On Thursday, March 19, we are in for a truly remarkable experience! By special arrangement, the Myth Salon will feature Award-winning composer Michael Mollura PhD, who is also a licensed psychotherapist, who will produce a depth-inducing multi-sensory experience performed live – a tapestry of sound, percussion, and the orality of dream text. Based on the works of CG Jung and James Hillman, Dr. Mollura is the only clinician in the world known to compose music to actual dream reports as a way of accessing dream material to link healing paths on neurological, quantum, and collective levels to address trauma and the wounds in the unconscious. Interpreting dreams with music goes back centuries to the work of mystic Sufis in the Middle East. However, his work is the first of its kind and exemplifies the healing powers of music and creativity set into a therapeutic environment.

For this special presentation, members of the Myth Salon community are invited to submit their dreams in writing from which several will be selected for reading, interpretation and arranged into the performance. Michael Mollura will be accompanied by his world-renowned percussionist Christo Pellani along with unannounced special guest musicians. Dr. Mollura has performed at Pacifica on several occasions and is known as an award-winning feature film composer for such critically acclaimed movies such as Awake – the Life of Yogananda, Hare Krishna, Heal currently on Netflix; HBO’S Hot Coffee, Climate Refugees, and Robert Romanyshyn’s Antarctica. Dr. Mollura currently practices psychotherapy in Beverly Hills and Atwater Village.


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