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A Welcome to the JCF Mythological RoundTable of Mumbai, India!

Mythological RoundTable Group® of Mumbai, India led by Dr. Sunil Parab


The Joseph Campbell Foundation’s Mythological RoundTable is coming to Mumbai, India. This is the first JCF – MRT group in India. Thank you to Ojai MRT leader Will Linn for sharing the following information with us and Welcome to the myth-makers in Mumbai!

The group’s first meeting on November 22nd represents an exciting new chapter for both JCF and the community of myth-lovers in Mumbai. The University of Mumbai, which hosts India’s only diploma courses in comparative mythology, is the home of this MRT. One of the students, Dr. Sunil Parab, started the RoundTable with support from his myth-program, the Sanskrit department, and the university.

Dr. Madhavi Narsalay, who teaches comparative mythology and Sanskrit courses at the University Mumbai, will host the inaugural meet-up on the “Multidimensionality of Mythology.” In addition to teaching courses on myth, participating in research projects and publishing, Dr. Narsalay recently consulted on the 250-episode production of the Indian epic, “Mahabharat.” Members of the JCF initially spoke with Dr. Narsalay last spring when she organized India’s first annual festival on comparative mythology—Aakhyaan. An interview with Madhavi Mam on comparative and Indian mythology can be found on

The potential of this group is quite exciting. Mumbai is one of the largest cities in the world, it is the headquarters for Bollywood and an academic center for mythological studies with the support of a university and the added dynamic of an annual festival.

Beyond the potential of this particular JCF MRT, it has been my personal delight to connect with a community of myth scholars across the world. To witness and participate in the ongoing growth and synthesis of a global mythological community fills me with a sense of enthusiastic inspiration that I hope all of you share as we welcome the JCF Mythological RoundTable Group® of Mumbai.

Sao Paulo welcome to mumbai

The University of Mumbai is one of the three schools in India’s university system that was originally established by the English. Like the university classes, the JCF MRT of Mumbai will meet in English. A recording of the inaugural evening will be available (for free) on, and the itunes store as part of the “mythosophia” podcast.

Future MRT events will take place in Ramakrishna Bajaj Sanskrit Bhavan – Sanskrit Department, University of Mumbai, Kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai: – 400098.

Will Linn is the MRT leader of the JCF Mythological RoundTable Group® of Ojai, CA and is mentoring the MRT in Mumbai. He is also the creator/co-host of Mythosophia (Santa Barbara News Press radio series) and a faculty member at the Relativity School in Los Angeles, CA.


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