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MYTH SALON: The Shadow of Age with Dr. Connie Zweig

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MYTH SALON: The Shadow of Age with Dr. Connie Zweig
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MYTH SALON: The Shadow of Age with Dr. Connie Zweig

There are many myths and legends embedded in our understanding of aging and mortality. But, for most of us, life after 50 can feel like we’re in mid-air between trapezes, unable to let go of the past or to see future possibilities. The perennial question -- Who am I -- arises again. A mythological and depth psychological approach to this late-life identity crisis asks us to turn within and learn tools to break through denial, meet the shadows of age, attune to the soul’s longings, and explore meaning beyond doing. But our culture offers no guidance for letting go of outworn roles and identities, orienting to soul, and emerging renewed with the nobility and authority of an Elder. If we complete this rite of passage, we can release the heroic ego's strivings and shift our identities from role to soul, becoming who we truly are, perhaps for the first time.

Dr Connie Zweig has extended her work on the shadow and spiritual practice into midlife and beyond in a new book:
The Inner Work of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul:

Amazon link:

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