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MYTH SALON: Afghanistan

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MYTH SALON: Afghanistan
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MYTH SALON: Afghanistan

In a world filled with chaos, it is impossible to imagine how anything could dislodge the Covid-19 pandemic from the pinnacle of our attention, but the crisis in Afghanistan is doing just that!

Indeed, how can anyone process all this?

The plight of Afghan women in the face of the Taliban regime sends chills up our backs. What about the Afghans who have been assisting American and NATO efforts who may not be able to emigrate? Who determines a country’s rights for self-governance? What will the past 20 years signify for us? For the Afghan peoples? For the world population relating to Afghanistan as a member of the world community? What are the hopes and future for Afghanistan?

For one night, let’s see if we can make sense of the many dimensions driving concern about Afghanistan. Among his many interests and skills, Dr. Zaman Stanizai is a spokesperson for what happens halfway around the world in Afghanistan. Highly sought by the news media to unravel the complexities of Afghan issues, Dr. Stanizai has graciously agreed to give a talk for the Myth Salon community this Thursday, August 26 at 5PM. We are currently gathering the panel and some additional participants – and welcome your input. If you want, prepare and submit some questions that will help focus the discussion.

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