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Maurice Lacroix and Label Noir get back together to add new members to the Masterpiece collection

Swiss brand Maurice Lacroix replica watches for sale has collaborated with Label Noir for you to launch the latest Masterpiece Skeletal frame - Masterpiece Skeleton Ticket Noir. While many in the industry can be tired of collaborations, it's challenging deny that this new release is not a perfect example of collaboration accomplished right: each side relying on typically the other's strengths to do a thing truly impressive.

Building on the successful venture on the 2020 AIKON type, Maurice Lacroix and Point Noir have joined pushes once again to recreate the wonder of this original watch. Work of art Skeleton Label Noir further more pushes the boundaries associated with Maurice Lacroix design, representing that a well-crafted timepiece can on occasion break the mold along with extend a brand's photo in new ways.

replica Maurice Lacroix watches pays towards to the skeletonized watch while using Masterpiece Skeleton watch, when incorporating modern technology. In particular, Work of genius Skeleton uses CNC in addition to CAD technology to bring painstaking detail to its head turning design. To this end, Maurice Lacroix's craftsmen have generated a product that is precise as well as reliable in every detail regarding its movement, while nonetheless maintaining its charming and also refined appearance.

The Masterpiece Skeleton's kinetic movement is the in-house grade ML134, decorated with Fantastic Colimaçon, sandblasted and edge-polished bridges. As with all Maurice Lacroix watches, movement making and final assembly occur in the brand's Swiss producers.

Measuring 43mm in diameter, the watch's physical presence transcends the information of the watch itself. The lens case is coated in Tag Noir's signature black and anthracite matte DLC coating along with features an exhibition caseback, further adding interest on the watch.


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