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Introductory reading may be accompanied by any videos or other media from your exploration section below. This is to be a small sample of media to be expanded later in the unit.

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Accompanying Image
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Accompanying Video Links:


Concept Introductory Reading:

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Database #1:

For databases, please insert the title of the database, then the database's URL, then some text from that database. It's recommended the text does not exceed 700 characters.

Database #2:

Database #3:

Database #4:

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Database #6:

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Please use the box below to provide us with any art URLs for your unit. If you want to use an art piece that does not have a URL, please send an email to with your art.


Please create a youtube playlist of videos that support your unit, set that playlist to "unlisted", and copy/paste the link to that playlist here. 

For any non-youtube videos, please paste the links below:


Please paste links to any articles you'd like to share for your unit:


Is there any music you'd like to include? These can be in URL format, or you can share the title and artist with us:

Anything Else?

Here is space for you to share with us documentaries, podcasts, news, or anything else you think should be included in your unit workbook: